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weirdvertising's Journal

Weirdvertising: it's what's for dinner.
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Luis Buñuel selling tube socks
Advertising that harnesses the power of dreams and nightmares. Luis Buñuel selling tube socks. The intentionally and the accidentally bizarre. Kitsch. Camp. Over the top. Those rare moments when the artifices of advertising pass the threshold of the uncanny valley, slipping backward into a state that isn't quite entirely real. Welcome to Weirdvertising.

This community exists for people to share and discuss bizarre advertisements.

We are not limited by medium, so please feel free to share print ads, tv commercials, web banners, radio spots, supermarket flyers, mail order catalogs, and anything else. Just so long as it's weird.

We're also interested in discussion of advertising and advertisements, art that uses advertising as inspiration or source material, and surreal parodies either of advertisements or in the form of advertisements.

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