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Saturday, March 19th, 2011
7:32 pm
Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm! Toasty!
From There, I Fixed It:

Ooooooooookay then.
Monday, August 17th, 2009
12:17 pm
What's wrong with this sentence?

It seems even the big boys are learning English from the Internet now.

Also, the next frame from that ad was "...and in more places!" Wow. Here and in more places. That's some excellent sentence structure there, pal. Good to know AT&T only hires the best copy writers for their ads.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, July 12th, 2009
12:12 am
Where black people and white people buy furniture

I have no words, except... between this and the Norton Furniture spot, I'm getting the feeling some people have had their noses a wee bit too far into the varnish can.
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
11:44 am
If you love weirdvertising
I've been blogging for a while on sexist ads
check it out!
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
2:05 am
You could, like, save money or something, man.

Not content with the vagueness of phrases like "up to X or more", Nationwide has taken a cue from The Hip Young People of Today.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, March 9th, 2009
3:10 pm
Can you really call that a slogan?

This is an Internet banner ad for Kohl's. Nothing particularly weird about it; I just wanted to point out that "The More You Know, the More You Kohl's" might just be the single most moronic slogan ever forged by the hand of marketing executive.

Who here thinks they've got other contenders for the title?
Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
7:45 pm
Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel.
Cracked.com recently put up an article called "10 Awesome Ads (for Traumatizing Children)." Thought I'd share.
Friday, August 29th, 2008
2:06 pm
Racist and bizarre.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die
Thursday, August 21st, 2008
2:05 am
The bottom line is that car ads are dumb.
This is more of a gripe coupled with mild amusement than anything else, but:

Nissan bottom line

Does anyone notice what's missing from this ad that places so much emphasis on the "BOTTOM LINE"?  That's right: the bottom line.  They tell you how much of a negative-down-payment incentive you get with purchase, and of course what kind of financing you can expect, but no indication whatsoever of the price.  In fact, I know of very few car ads that ever mention the vehicle's MSRP.  At best they quote the monthly payment if you lease it (which is useless to what I can only hope are the vast majority of people, who actually buy cars rather than pay close to the full price just to have it for a few years).  But this ad doesn't even do that.  Granted, you probably can't lease a Versa on account of it's such a cheap car, but really, isn't that exactly the sort of thing their customers would want to know?  Especially if you get them all hyped up about the BOTTOM LINE.

GEEZ.  I need a sandwich or somethin'.

Current Mood: exasperated
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
3:02 pm
Sexist Commercials
This is what I'm all about, as an advertising major and feminist (the two interests too often cancel each other out)

Coors Light 'Let's Vent'Collapse )

Folger's CoffeeCollapse )

Pizza Hut - 'Dads Can't Cook'Collapse )

Flintstones for WinstonCollapse )

The Rose Petal CottageCollapse )
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
12:21 am
The nice thing about billboards...
is that if you don't like them, you can change them.

(this image was taken from an excellent blog post that you really should read if you have the time)

Alright, that's enough misogynistic 1970s advertising from me for one night.
12:07 am
Most offensive thing ever

Here's what the text says:
"Though she was a tiger lady, our hero didn’t have to fire a shot to floor her. After one look at his Mr. Leggs slacks, she was ready to have him walk all over her. That noble styling sure soothes the savage heart! If you’d like your own doll-to-doll carpeting, hunt up a pair of these he-man Mr. Leggs slacks. Such as our new automatic wash wear blend of 65% “Dacron®” and 35% rayon–incomparably wrinkle-resistant. About $12.95 at plush-carpeted stores."

(thanks to BoingBoing for alerting the world to this one)
12:02 am
Saturday, June 28th, 2008
9:41 pm
LG - phones for stalkers

This really creeps me out
I saw it on feministing.com
12:40 am
This is really well done.

Friday, June 27th, 2008
7:58 pm
Milky, the Marvelous Miling Cow
I really DO NOT want to know what that "pretend milk" is made out of.

6:41 pm
Kewpie Dolls
Did you know that the Kewpie Doll was mentioned in Anne Franks diary? It's also the mascot of a high school in Missouri. (thanks Wikipedia!)

But most importantly, it's the subject of some of the most bizarre and terrifying advertising campaigns in the history of Japanese television. And that's saying something.

9 more under cutCollapse )
6:05 pm
Very surreal. And probably not much fun.

6:04 pm
Witch Doctor Shrinking Head Kit
I would have loved this as a kid.

5:37 pm
Be a... mindsticker?
No wonder nobody drinks Tab Cola. Creepy as shit.

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